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Logic redesign help

Jacob Merrill
So this discussion needs to start somewhere,

I have an idea but I need more information.

An blender developer (PGI) - Wrote logic nodes for the bge - these distil into python 

what I purpose is to try and use Cython + a similar system to replace the logic bricks code (but not function!)

basically it would move all the logic into Cython 

a master list would call functions from a dictionary and plug data about the logic component into the function (similar to this) - http://pasteall.org/106681/python

questions - 

1. Would it be as fast? 
2. Does it sound easier to maintain and extend?
3. what would the other drawbacks and bonuses you can think of be?

and finally -
what would you purpose? 

This would allow me to contribute daily to bge/upbge etc.

thank you
Jacob Merrill

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